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Social Justice Partners

Social Justice Partnerships (SJP) is a compact of Local Public Sector Service Providers such as Local Government Bodies and Local Clinical Commissioning Groups (Providers); Local Third Sector Organisations; Individuals; Local Businesses (Facilitators); and Local Residents or User organisations (Users) – together hereafter referred to as “Social Justice Partners”.

What We do

Facilitating understanding

Facilitate a mutual understanding of Social Justice between Local Social Justice Partners

Engaging Partners

Engage Social Justice Partners in coordinating the development and implementation of a Local Social Justice Strategic plans and Results Frameworks

Optimising, monitoring and evaluating

Optimise, monitor and evaluate the mutual accountability of Social Justice Partners for delivery of Local Social Justice Strategic Plans and Results Frameworks

Social Justice Partners.


Elementor #1741

Unconscious Bias: Racial Discrimination in the FCDO Plus, interview with Dr Paul Chiy Black Lives Matter protesters at the Women of World War II monument

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Social Justice Partners locally.

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